Debt Collection

Basic functionality

The service draws together the expertise of several lawyers, auditors, debt collectors, IT experts, and payment solution specialists, and is complemented by substantial investment in training and cutting edge technology. The integration of these resources and capabilities means that we are able to provide innovative credit life cycle enhancements, supported by proactive debt management and effective debt collection services of the highest quality at economical rates.

National databases

Marang Credit Solution has a consumer database of 22 million ID numbers, which constitutes all economically active people in South Africa, and which is regularly updated. We have a company database of 6 million company registration numbers in South Africa.

How we operate

The access to these databases allows us to wash all collection data upon receipt and ensures that Marang Credit Solution has the latest telephone and contact details of debtors. Marang Credit Solution does not profile the debtors at this stage as no action has been taken.

After the data has been updated it is uploaded to our debt collection software. Once the upload has been successful, each team leader has allocated matters to work on which he/she delegates to a team of 12 agents. A procedure is then followed by the agents in conjunction with the team leader, (who is always there to assist, coach and mentor agents) in ensuring the right processes and actions are followed to collect outstanding accounts.

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